Troubleshooting Email Account Setup

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The key areas to pay attention to during or after seting up your POP3 email account on your computer that may be the cause of problems you may encounter are:

-        Usernames: they are different than your email address.  For instance Jed’s username is ads_jed, NOT jed and NOT the full email address.

-        We do not use SSL or any other encryption.  The only security required is username and password credentials when you log in to retrieve email AND when you log in to send email.  The credentials are the same for both purposes but are also required for both purposes.

-        We use default ports for incoming mail (110) and outgoing (25) .  If you are unable to send, after checking username and password entries, you may try changing the outgoing server port to 587

-        After your email account is setup and has been working for some time, if any problems occur they are almost always a result of an email inbox getting too full.  The email protocol we are providing is POP3 which acts like a post office drop box.  When it gets too full, because older email has not been deleted from the server and/or because an unusually large attachment has been sent via email, the inbox on your account cannot accept additional mail. You can usually fix this problem by:

  • making sure you delete mail from the server when you retrieve it  (this is the default settings for desktop and laptop email programs)
  • logging in to the webmail control panel ( and moving email stored on the server out of the email inbox to a different folder
  • logging in to the webmail control panel ( and deleting mail from your inbox, junk and/or trash folders
  • calling us (303-331-1044) or sending us an email if you are able at
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    ovile wade

    Just see the here this amazing article going to be here how do i set clock in windows 10 knowing the all process of working app easily

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    Ibtesam Abdullah

    This issue has bugged me for so long! I'd been trying to set up a POP3 account to coordinate with my team of cover letter experts for hours and hours and it didn't seem like the issue was going to be resolved anytime soon. But I'm so glad I found this blog. Thank you for the thorough walkthrough and explanation!

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