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Outlook Repair/Recovery


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  • Tammy von nueman

    These recovered folders are usually empty because this is a rebuilt .pst file. You should also see a folder named Lost and Found. This folder contains folders and items that the Inbox Repair Tool recovered. Unfortunately, items that are missing from the Lost and Found folder may be beyond repair.

    Here are the steps that were taken

    1. Select Import from another program or file, and then select Next.
    2. Select Personal Folder File (.pst), and then select Next.
    3. Under File to import, select Browse, and then double-click your Newname.pst file.
    4. Under Options, select Do not import duplicates, and then select Next.
    5. Under Select the folder to import from, select the Personal Folders (.pst) file, and then select Include subfolders.
    6. Select Import folders into the same folder in, and then select your new Personal Folders (.pst).
    7. Select Finish.

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