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Before you begin, please navigate to mail.webworkzdigital.com in a web browser. Login to the WebWorkz webmail interface with the email address and password provided. If this test fails, please create a support ticket at http://support.webworkzdigital.com.

If you have the correct email address and password, create a new email account using Apple's Mail program:

1. From the main Mac screen, hover over the dock to display the application icons.

2. Click the Mail icon. The mail application appears. 


3. From the menu bar, click Mail > Preferences. The Accounts dialog box appears.


4. On the Accounts dialog box, click the plus sign, at the bottom left of the accounts list.


5. The Choose a mail account to add dialog box appears. Click the Add Other Mail Account radio button.


6.  Click Continue. The Add a Mail Account dialog box appears.

7. Fill out your Full Name, Email and Password.


8. Click Create. The Incoming Mail Server Info screen appears.


9. For Mail Server, enter mail.b.hostedemail.com.

10. Enter your full email address for User Name, and your password. Click Next.

11. Enter identical information in the next dialog box, Outgoing Mail Server Info.

12. Click Create.

13. Send a test email to yourself and support@webworkzdigital.com.




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