How to Join an Online Meeting Scheduled by WebWorkz

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WebWorkz uses online meetings for presentations and technical support sessions over the web.

An online meeting allows us to present our computer screen, see your computer screen, and even remotely control your computer keyboard and mouse, without having to travel to be in the same place.  In addition to being able to see each others computer screens, the meeting also includes an audio feed which participants can join from their phone or using their computer's microphone if they have one.

WebWorkz uses the online web conferencing service offered by to schedule meetings you can attend from any location with an Internet connection,  using your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

This article covers the basic steps to joining and participating in an online web conference scheduled by WebWorkz, including:

  • Joining a Meeting (Downloading and Installing the Meeting Application)
  • Joining the Meeting Audio
  • Sharing Your Screen
  • Sharing Control of your Keyboard and Mouse


Join a Meeting

1. WebWorkz will send you an invitation to join a scheduled meeting, usually by email, that includes a link to a web address you can click on to join the meeting.

2.  When you first select the link to join the meeting, you will be prompted to download a small online meeting application to your device.

3.  After the online meeting application is downloaded to your computer, please open the file to install the program.

After the Online Meeting application is installed on your computer, it will automatically take you to and log you in to the scheduled meeting.


Joining the Meeting Audio

4.  When you first join the online meeting, you will be able to choose whether to join the audio portion of the meeting over the phone or through your computer.


Sharing Your Screen

5.  When you first join the meeting, you can share your screen by selecting the icon in the middle of the meeting room:

6.  When you select Share Screen, you will then be able to select which screen or program to share from the ones that are open on your computer.


7.  After you click on the screen or program you want to share, select Share Screen again.

8.  At any time during the meeting, you can share your screen by selecting the share screen icon from the Attendee Control Panel at the top of your computer screen.



Sharing Control of your Keyboard and Mouse

Meeting participants can give other meeting participants control over their keyboard and mouse if the following is true:

  1. Participant must join meeting with PC, MAC or iPad device.
  2. Participant that is sharing screen must be on a PC or MAC. 

While "Screen Sharing" in a meeting, you can "Give mouse/Keyboard control" to another participant that is in the meeting.

First, you must select "Share Screen". (See instructions for Sharing Your Screen) above.

Then, after sharing your screen, move your mouse to the top of your meeting window/screen to "toggle" the drop-down screen sharing menu.

9. Select "Give mouse/keyboard control to" and then select the participant you would like to give control to. The participant can click anywhere on their screen to start control.

To regain control over your mouse and keyboard, simply "click" anywhere on your screen. 


If you have any problems with these steps, please call us at 303-331-1044.

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